Olympia, Wa

Olympia's Toy Store

est. 2014

Captain little is a brave little mouse whose love for adventure inspired our store.  Back in 2014, our friend and mascot Captain Little heard that Olympia's brick and mortar toy store would be closing its doors. So she rallied her crewmates and bravely set set sail for Olympia on her trusty little boat.

Captain Little and her crew snuck into the building on the corner of 5th and Washington. And in the wee wee hours of that fortuitous night as Olympia slept, they set up a brand new toy store! 

And now with Captain Little’s vision, our hard work, and so much loyal customer support, Olympia`s community toy store is thriving.

Our aim is to make you proud, to make our community children smile, learn and laugh, and to keep Captain Little’s toy and book store open forever. 

At Captain Little, it is the experience we really hope you love. Our store encourages kids to be themselves and to view the world with a sense of imagination and wonder.  From the classics to locally crafted, we have a little something for everyone.

We host community events to encourage interests in reading, science, and crafts with the hope of inspiring kids by getting them excited by the world around them.

Stop by and say hello today!


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